Chief Luthuli on when to pause in a boycott campaign

I recognise that it is the decision of Wits and other students whether or not they pause in the quest to realise goals beyond what have been realised up till now. Continue reading

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Recovering democracy in SA to appear February

My book: Recovering democracy in South Africa will be published by Jacana Media in February. Continue reading

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Raymond Suttner, Chief Albert Luthuli and the ‘gospel of service’

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Raymond Suttner, The influence of Walter Sisulu and Moses Kotane in moulding the political development of Nelson Mandela

There is no doubt that Mandela was at times after his release more popular than the ANC and that he could sometimes act without organisational authority. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Mandela as underground ‘black pimpernel’, late 1961-a glimpse

Below is a glimpse of Mandela operating underground as the ‘black pimpernel’ before his arrest in 1962. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, What did it mean when Mandela said he was willing to die? What does it mean for us in our own lives?

Possibly the closing words of Nelson Mandela’s statement from the dock as ‘accused number one’ in the Rivonia trial are amongst the most quoted in political history. Continue reading

Text of speech of Dr Mamphela Ramphele at launch of Agang

Text of speech of Dr Mamphela Ramphele at launch of Agang

I do not know whether this is word for word as she delivered it because she did not speak with notes