Raymond Suttner: Meeting Nomboniso Gasa

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Reconfiguring the ANC alliance in strengthening patriarchy

When looking at rising status of charismatic churches, this should be read together with the elevated status of the Traditional Leaders, both of which categories are highly patriarchal and authoritarian. What this means in realpolitik is that the constituency behind patriarchy is strengthened at the expense of the power of the bill of rights respect for gender equality and freedom of sexual orientation. That is what the Zuma era is all about because patriarchy also links with the extesnive violence more generally, so there is an underlying logic to all of this.

ANC and churches today: reconfiguring allies

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Ericka Huggins (former Black Panther Party) in conversation with Nomboniso Gasa (BBC)


Mwelela Cele, Tribute to Prof Jeff Guy who died this week

For Prof Jeff Guy

I received the news of Professor Jeff Guy’s passing while I was at another fountain of knowledge, Continue reading

Why the appointment of the new Chair of IEC is important for democracy

Prior to the first democratic elections the ANC leadership decided to establish the TRC and to ensure that it had credible members. Continue reading

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