Raymond Suttner, The influence of Walter Sisulu and Moses Kotane in moulding the political development of Nelson Mandela

There is no doubt that Mandela was at times after his release more popular than the ANC and that he could sometimes act without organisational authority. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Mandela as underground ‘black pimpernel’, late 1961-a glimpse

Below is a glimpse of Mandela operating underground as the ‘black pimpernel’ before his arrest in 1962. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, Mandela:strong, tough and tender

Mandela as boxerMadibaandchild

There is a myth that to be strong and manly one cannot also be tender and gentle. Mandela, in a range of ways dispels any such myth. Thereby his life is a challenge to tough and violent masculinities, that are all too prevalent in South Africa today. For Mandela there were times where he found it necessary to fight, both as a boxer and in MK, times where he had to show his strength as in prison. But this photograph with a baby is only one of a range of manifestations of his tenderness.