Unfinished business and legacies of the #Zuma period (Polity 19 February 2018, reprinted Daily Maverick and enca.com)

Many will evaluate Jacob Zuma’s legacies by considering its impact on the economy, the rule of law, public institutions and similar factors.  This article considers some of these questions but also examines the ways in which Zuma’s legacies affect the very notion of being a South African in collective and individual contexts. Continue reading

Managing Zuma’s departure without undermining democratic values (Polity 15 February 2018, reprinted in Daily Maverick and enca.com

Ever since the ANC conference in December the public and for the most part, the ANC has watched how ANC president Cyril Ramaphosa would address the departure of Jacob Zuma from the state presidency.  Continue reading

“Two centres of power” within the ANC?  How does #Ramaphosa resolve this? (Polity 5 February 2018, reprinted Daily Maverick and enca.com)

Making deals, through securing a meeting of minds, always bears the danger that one celebrates negotiating skills and deal making rather than carefully scrutinising what is agreed.  Continue reading