Nelson Mandela’s “obstinacy”  #Mandela’s leadership part 2 (Polity, 11 June 2018, reprinted Daily Maverick)


Nelson Mandela was notoriously stubborn or obstinate both words that are generally used to connote negative qualities.  But the dictionaries suggest that the word may indicate not only “pig-headedness” or “mulishness” or unwillingness to be open to reasoning and persuasion but also steadfastness, holding to a course of action as a matter of principle. Continue reading


What is Zuma up to? (Polity video interview, 5 June 2018)




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Nelson Mandela’s leadership part 1: the early years (Polity video interview 5 June 2018)



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Nelson Mandela’s leadership-Part 1: the early years (Polity 4 June 2018, reprinted in Daily Maverick)

Despite the plethora of articles and books on Nelson Mandela, little is written on the precise qualities from which we can learn and possibly emulate.  Continue reading

How do we understand Nelson Mandela @100? (Polity video interview, 30 May 2018)


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100 days of Cyril Ramaphosa’s leadership (Polity video interview 30 May 2018)



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How do we understand Nelson Mandela@100? (Polity, reprinted Daily Maverick, 29 May 2018)

The centenary of Nelson Mandela’s birth is an opportunity to reflect on the character of his life.  Continue reading