Michael Dingake on Moses Kotane-

Michael Dingake on Moses Kotane-

-extract from his book “Better to Die on one’s Feet” –to be launched at the Nelson Mandela Foundation on 11 August 2015, 5.30 for 6 pm Continue reading

Before handcuffing Mido Macia to the back of the police van, police allegedly remarked “you are not even South African” __________

According to the report in today’s Sowetan, evidence of Lindiwe Ngwenya who was with Mido Macia at the time of his arrest, police stopped and asked him why he was parked in a spot which was not allowed. Macia pointed to two other minibuses which were parked in a similar position to his, Ngwenya said. The police officers then asked for his driver’s licence
After showing his licence, the officers allegedly responded: “you are parked in an unauthorised place…and you are not even South African.”

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