Whiteness, white privilege and non-racialism (Polity video interview, 15 May 2018)


Democratic State crisis holds security dangers (Polity video interview 15 May 2018)

Democratic state crisis holds security dangers (Polity, 14 May 2018)

Last week I wrote an article referring to a democratic and state crisis. (http://www.polity.org.za/article/democratic-project-in-trouble-how-does-it-get-remedied-2018-05-07/searchString:Raymond+Suttner).  I feared that what I wrote may have been superseded by events.  Continue reading

Democratic project in trouble. How does it get remedied? (Polity 7 May 2018, reprinted Daily Maverick)

It is well known that Cyril Ramaphosa’s election as ANC president in December was by a small number of votes and that he was elected alongside others in the top leadership who were former president Jacob Zuma’s supporters. Continue reading