US drone attacks met with little world concern

Raymond Suttner: Who can we trust to do our policing? South African Police Services (SAPS) or Private security?

Some years ago I argued that the private security industry (PSI) should be phased out Continue reading

Rebecca Davis on Cape Town CBD looting

Gives some idea of the complex mix of factors involved in Cape Town looting. Continue reading

Buddy Naidu on de facto white control of newsrooms and marginalisation of Africans

Illegally evicted traders in Johannesburg inner city fight back

Rebecca Davis on official irregular violence/killings

Palesa Morudu, Remember the past and question the present

Palesa Morudu on the symbolic reburial of her brother, Moss Morudu, whose whereabouts and details of whose death have only become known to the family in recent times.

Nomboniso Gasa and Thami Mdontswa on Land question in Justice Factor

International relations appear indifferent to detention of Tokyo

Department of International Relations and Cooperation do not seem very worried about Tokyo Sexwale’s detention at JFK airport. Continue reading

Police Commissioner Riah Phiyega needs to step down so that irregular conduct can be investigated

At one point I used to argue that it was necessary for a police chief to be a person who was close to the head of state, Continue reading

US use of drones as preferred mode of attack, contravenes international law

Campaign for release of Palestinian political prisoners to be launched on Robben Island

The figures with which the organisers work, list almost 5000 political prisoners, more than 200 of these being children.

Leading actor joins EFF (Economic Freedom Fighters) of Julius Malema

Police version of Marikana massacre unravels

Lee Levin, Sport and socialism

Attack on and eviction of traders in the inner city of Johannesburg

The evictions of traders in Jhbg inner city appears to be illegal Continue reading

Apparent further irregular presidential influence to benefit his son

Zuma’s daughter Duduzile appears to have benefited from controversial Goldfields deal

Pierre de Vos argues that there is no legal basis for withholding Nkandla report from public

Crisis of governability as Bekkersdal and surrounding areas flare up