International relations appear indifferent to detention of Tokyo

Department of International Relations and Cooperation do not seem very worried about Tokyo Sexwale’s detention at JFK airport. Eveyone knows about this, they say and it has been raised with USA. But if it has been raised and has had little effect, what is DIRCO doing about it? As it happened it does not relate only to a list but to anyone with a conviction for political activities who has to declare such an offence as a ‘criminal offence’. The result is that one’s visa is delayed and one is harassed, pulled out of the queue not only in USA but also Canada and Australia. It happened to Tokyo before and Thabo Mbeki also played it down as a technical glitch. Usually when one travels officially nothing happens. It is when a former political prisoner travels as a private person that the harassment occurs. In the meantime, the leaders of the apartheid regime travel freely.

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