“Expropriation without compensation” Where is the plan for addressing land reform? (Polity 5 August 2018, reprinted Daily Maverick)

Democratic and ethical leadership depends, in the first place, on trust.  People need to believe and trust what a leader or organisation says before they can rely on them to safeguard their present and future conditions. Continue reading

Undeclared crisis of the ‘new dawn’ (Polity29 July 2018, reprinted in Daily Maverick)

There are a range of developments happening simultaneously at the moment that throw a disquieting light on any democratic and potentially broader emancipatory project in South Africa.  Continue reading

Bonile Bam’s exhibition at Bunting Road, Doornfontein, Soweto campuses


All the launches for the exhibition of Bonile Bam’s work have now been completed, though the work will still be exhibited for some two months. Continue reading