Raymond Suttner, Popular power, constitutional democracy and crisis: 1994-2014

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Raymond Suttner, Nelson Mandela’s masculinities (PDF file), Wiser seminar


Raymond Suttner, Notions of manhood: Initiation tragedies should not blind us to dangers beyond those that are part of public discourse


The ANC and the Minister of Health have correctly deplored the spate of deaths resulting from initiation practices, in the Eastern Cape and other areas.  Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, The influence of Walter Sisulu and Moses Kotane in moulding the political development of Nelson Mandela

There is no doubt that Mandela was at times after his release more popular than the ANC and that he could sometimes act without organisational authority. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, entry on Joe Slovo, Dictionary of African Biography, 2012

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Raymond Suttner, Popular Justice in South Africa today, June 1986 (Unpublished)


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This was a seminar paper, prepared for the University of the Witwatersrand, in June 1986, just before I was rearrested for a further 27 months. Continue reading

Why is this election different from all previous ones:early evaluation of Zuma era

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The ANC centenary

The ANC centenary

A scholarly article on the ANC centenary for International Affairs Chatham House

Rethinking National Democratic Revolution (NDR):the national question.

This paper is work in progress


‘The Road to Freedom is via the Cross’ ‘Just Means’ in Chief Albert Luthuli’s Life

Road to freedom via Cross

‘Africanisation’, African identities and emancipation in contemporary South Africa

AfricanisationSocial dynamics2010

The Zuma era in ANC history: new crisis or new beginning?


The challenge to African National Congress dominance


The Jacob Zuma Rape Trial: Power and African National Congress (ANC) Masculinities

Zuma rape trial

The ANC Underground. Books of Raymond Suttner-2A.

Books of Raymond Suttner-2A

Periodisation, Cultural Construction and Representation of ANC Masculinities through Dress, Gesture and Indian Nationalist Influence*

This is a scholarly article, which draws on ANC history and Indian influences on that history and the struggle in general, through various cultural lenses, notably dress and various gestures.  Click on link that follows:Dress

The ANC Underground. Books of Raymond Suttner- 2

Books of Raymond Suttner 2

Books of Raymond Suttner 3

50 years of FC

Written with Jeremy Cronin, revised introduction of earlier work, 30 Years of the Freedom Charter, published in 2006 by UNISA press, still in print.

Creating a culture of democracy and debate: response to Ndinda and Neocosmos