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Why is this election different from all previous ones:early evaluation of Zuma era

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Nelson Mandela, statement from the Dock, Rivonia Trial 1964

Nelson Mandela, statement from the Dock, Rivonia Trial 1964

Raymond Suttner, Chris Hani legacy is contested

The legacy of Chris Hani is obviously contested. Underneath many of the tributes referring to his selfless and revolutionary qualities there is on the one hand an attempt to legitimate the decadent, looting leaders of today. They have the resources to be present and in the forefront of a range of events to commemorate Hani’s life, as they will be later this month when OR Tambo is remembered.

On the other hand, those who are being robbed, evoke the memory of Hani as an alternative to what they see and know and even what they do not know but have come to expect will happen with their resources and the dreams they cherish for improvement of their lives.

No matter how many layers of red some of the leaders may wear, or the number of times they use revolutionary phrases or call others counter-revolutionary, they will not be able to stand in for Hani. He used to listen carefully to people. His speeches were not rhetorical displays, but responses to what he heard. That is what the people who loved him now miss.

Abuse of woman by security guards in Limpopo and prevalent violent culture

We are in a country that is in denial in the sense that there is not recognition of the scale of the crisis of violence, predominantly violent masculinities, manifested in schools, shops, in the streets, by the police and also by the public in various situations.   Continue reading

Questions about current politics

Article and audio-visual interview prior to ANC Mangaung conference, in December 2012

Questions about current politics

Crisis of liberation-the Zuma era and beyond

This is a booklet published in 2010 examining the crisis of the ANC-led liberation struggle, in particular with the advent of Jacob Zuma to the presidency of the organisation and the country.  Click on link that follows: ANC STUDY – FES 2010 review2

The ANC Underground. Books of Raymond Suttner- 2

Books of Raymond Suttner 2