Raymond Suttner: The Freedom Charter @60:Rethinking its democratic qualities

Suttner – Freedom Charter

Presentation to Freedom Charter seminars/workshops in August

Freedom Charter seminars/workshops in August

On August 12 there is a workshop to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Charter at the University of Pretoria under the auspices of the History and politics department. I am one of the speakers and the other is Professor Abdi Samatar. This is during the day at the SRC Chambers

On August 19 I will be presenting a paper to the University of Johannesburg’s sociology seminar entitled “Re-thinking freedom: re-reading the Freedom Charter @60.” The discussant is to be confirmed.

I will post advertisements when I have these should anyone wish to attend

Raymond Suttner, Popular power, constitutional democracy and crisis: 1994-2014


Raymond Suttner, 20 years of democracy and question of popular participation (published in Grace &Truth)

Twenty years of Democracy – Raymond Suttner

Raymond Suttner, entry on Joe Slovo, Dictionary of African Biography, 2012

DAB_Joe Slovo_vol 5 copy

Raymond Suttner, Popular Justice in South Africa today, June 1986 (Unpublished)


Note: there are two separate links to be clicked on, one for the text and the other for the endnotes

This was a seminar paper, prepared for the University of the Witwatersrand, in June 1986, just before I was rearrested for a further 27 months. Continue reading