Raymond Suttner: The Freedom Charter @60:Rethinking its democratic qualities

Suttner – Freedom Charter

Presentation to Freedom Charter seminars/workshops in August

Freedom Charter seminars/workshops in August

On August 12 there is a workshop to commemorate the 60th anniversary of the Freedom Charter at the University of Pretoria under the auspices of the History and politics department. I am one of the speakers and the other is Professor Abdi Samatar. This is during the day at the SRC Chambers

On August 19 I will be presenting a paper to the University of Johannesburg’s sociology seminar entitled “Re-thinking freedom: re-reading the Freedom Charter @60.” The discussant is to be confirmed.

I will post advertisements when I have these should anyone wish to attend

Raymond Suttner, Popular power, constitutional democracy and crisis: 1994-2014

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Raymond Suttner, 20 years of democracy and question of popular participation (published in Grace &Truth)

Twenty years of Democracy – Raymond Suttner

Raymond Suttner, entry on Joe Slovo, Dictionary of African Biography, 2012

DAB_Joe Slovo_vol 5 copy

Raymond Suttner, Popular Justice in South Africa today, June 1986 (Unpublished)


Note: there are two separate links to be clicked on, one for the text and the other for the endnotes

This was a seminar paper, prepared for the University of the Witwatersrand, in June 1986, just before I was rearrested for a further 27 months. Continue reading

Why is this election different from all previous ones:early evaluation of Zuma era

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Re-thinking and re-remembering prison

This is an article rethinking my prison experiences and also trying to theorise the character of political imprisonment, using notions like agency and liminality.   It is published in Psychology in society, 2010.  Click to download: PINSsuttner

‘The Road to Freedom is via the Cross’ ‘Just Means’ in Chief Albert Luthuli’s Life

Road to freedom via Cross

‘Africanisation’, African identities and emancipation in contemporary South Africa

AfricanisationSocial dynamics2010

The Zuma era by Raymond Suttner, 2009


The Zuma era in ANC history: new crisis or new beginning?


The challenge to African National Congress dominance


The Jacob Zuma Rape Trial: Power and African National Congress (ANC) Masculinities

Zuma rape trial

Periodisation, Cultural Construction and Representation of ANC Masculinities through Dress, Gesture and Indian Nationalist Influence*

This is a scholarly article, which draws on ANC history and Indian influences on that history and the struggle in general, through various cultural lenses, notably dress and various gestures.  Click on link that follows:Dress

(Mis)understanding Mandela. A review article


Creating a culture of democracy and debate: response to Ndinda and Neocosmos


Special Debate Article Talking to the ancestors: national heritage, the Freedom Charter and nation-building in South Africa in 2005


Party Dominance ‘Theory’: Of What Value?