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Raymond Suttner: Chris Hani and the leadership we have lost

Chris Hani and the leadership we have lost

In the 1991 SACP Congress when Chris Hani was elected General Secretary he took a decision that was meant to indicate that his future lay with building the Communist Party Continue reading

The IEC head, Steven Friedman and credible polls

The question of the potential head of the IEC being someone closely associated with the ANC Continue reading

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5-Gandhi and Africans

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According to the documentation motivating for SA’s bid to host the Commonwealth games in 2022, Continue reading

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[Extract from Recovering Democracy, translated and printed in today’s Beeld, below] Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Nelson Mandela’s masculinities

[This is an extract from the book Recovering democracy in South Africa that appeared in the Sunday Times under a different title yesterday] Continue reading