Raymond Suttner, ANC and the popular

When I first made contact with the ANC and its allies in the late1960s it followed a period where I was not clear about what road to take politically. I had been a liberal but came to believe that this was leading nowhere in terms of changing SA. But where were the alternatives? Continue reading

Inside Apartheid’s Prison. Books of Raymond Suttner-1

Books of Raymond Suttner

Books of Raymond Suttner 3

50 years of FC

Written with Jeremy Cronin, revised introduction of earlier work, 30 Years of the Freedom Charter, published in 2006 by UNISA press, still in print.

The Legacy of the United Democratic Front

This is a chapter from book published by CODESRIA in 2005. Will supply bibliographical details later


The UDF period and its meaning for contemporary South Africa


The road ahead. February 1990


Video of Raymond Suttner speech to SANSCO/UDF at the University of the Western Cape

Raymond Suttner book 4

30 yrs of FC

(with Jeremy Cronin, Ravan Press and Ohio University Press.)  Banned for possession in South Africa under apartheid regime


Raymond Suttner Writings-Booklet 1

Raymond Suttner Writings-Booklet 1

TB Davie Memorial Lecture 1984 on the Freedom CharterTBDavie