Raymond Suttner: Taking radical political action the short and long term


Raymond Suttner: Freedom and the law (Polity)


Raymond Suttner: Re-reading the Freedom Charter @ 60 (Polity)


Raymond Suttner: On the Freedom Charter (Valley FM)

Raymond Suttner, Popular Justice in South Africa today, June 1986 (Unpublished)


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This was a seminar paper, prepared for the University of the Witwatersrand, in June 1986, just before I was rearrested for a further 27 months. Continue reading

Pete Seeger: We shall overcome

This famous US civil rights song, may derive from an African-American composer, Charles Albert Tindley published in 1947, although Pete Seeger has said that nobody knows exactly who wrote the original.  In the 1960s the song was made famous in the United States civil rights struggle.  It was widely sung at concerts and rallies by Seeger, Joan Baez and others.


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Raymond Suttner, ANC and the popular

When I first made contact with the ANC and its allies in the late1960s it followed a period where I was not clear about what road to take politically. I had been a liberal but came to believe that this was leading nowhere in terms of changing SA. But where were the alternatives? Continue reading