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Nomboniso Gasa, on change through “The Good People in the ANC” argument

I don’t buy the “good people in the ANC” argument. I believe they are there and they are many. I am not sure that makes a compelling argument to vote for the ANC. If we have learnt anything about how organisations and social change work, it is the complexity of changing patterns that have already set it.

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South African matric pass rate increases but less enter and pass maths and science


Rebecca Davis, When culture and policing collide. Circumcision deaths and ukuthwala -unpunished crimes

The area of what is described as cultural practices has now become a site where there are extensive abuses Continue reading

Rebecca Davis, Zille continues to bat for Motshekga against education activists

The article shows how DA leader Helen Zille disagrees with attempts to force the Basic Education Minister to provide basic infrastructure creating an environment for education. Instead she, and Jonathan Jansen, VC of The University of the Free State argue that this is misplaced where quality teaching is absent and this, in the view of Jansen should be related to other routes to economic advancement more lucrative than teaching.. Davis shows that the provision of toilets, buildings etc are not seen as a total answer to the problem of education but that these are a crucial element of what is required for an adequate learning environment.


Court order secured by ‘Equal Education’ to force Minister of Education to promulgate norms and standards for school infrastructure