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Lebo Keswa: Gumede: a victim of factional ANC politics and responses by Adriaan Basson and Brad Cibane


Adriaan Basson: Interesting but strange piece. She is trying too hard to exonerate Gumede – why? This is not the first time his deals have made headlines. His Telkom tender should have been investigated, but wasn’t. His home affairs tender is still on Thuli Madonsela’s ever-growing pile. Maybe Lebo can give examples of companies/tenders that should be probed, but aren’t.
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Adriaan Basson See also http://m.mg.co.za/…/2010-11-05-robert-asked-me-to-pay…

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Brad Cibane:

Brad Cibane I might have missed the point of the article. It seems to be based on information not shared with readers.

1. Keswa argues, if I am not wrong, that the ANC procures services and then does not pay them. When companies (or persons) claim payment, the ANC uses law enforcement to punish the demanders. This is a serious allegation not supported by anything in the article.

2. Unfortunately, her link to the Sunday Independent is faulty and self-cites. I do think she muddles one point. She seems to suggest that business people engage in criminal activities and are protected by the ANC. When they fall out of favor, they lose the protection. I don’t get the sense in this point. First, why won’t the accuseds expose the ANC. And, secondly, why engage in criminal activities in the first place?

3. The by-the-by point about procurement panels being incompetent is a non-starter. Panels decide based on documents placed before them. Keswa says “so what,” which I find puzzling!

My biggest point, I think, is that Keswa seems to have information that she is not sharing with the rest of us. She seems to be highlighting a serious problem but the Gumede case is woefully inadequate.

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