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Raymond Suttner: Militarisation and depoliticisation in SA today (Polity)


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Exchange with Marius L Fransman (on Faceboook), leader of the ANC in the Western Cape, asking when I would come and campaign there

Marius L Fransman: Prof, when you coming to help with campaign in WC, Continue reading

Kerry Chance, SAPS violence shakes the foundations of democracy


Political turmoil in North-West province

Political turmoil in North-West province


Political violence is now a conventional pattern of ANC politics, as people fight for positions, tenders and other resources amongst the ANC itself or against emerging rivals. Some of the government, ANC and SACP statements about AMCU and the ANC’s right to be the dominant force in the platinum belt, do not augur well for peaceful resolution of disputes and competition. The report indicates a growing crisis of legitimacy as well as a crisis of governance, with unsolved killings and threats of more, apart from (not reported here) continued high levels of dissatisfaction over subhuman living conditions.