Exchange with Marius L Fransman (on Faceboook), leader of the ANC in the Western Cape, asking when I would come and campaign there

Marius L Fransman: Prof, when you coming to help with campaign in WC,

My friend, I do not want to see DA in but I cannot in good conscience campaign for an ANC that condones building of millions and millions of rands on president’s residence with tax payers money, does what it can through police concealment of evidence to prevent truth coming out of Marikana commission, does not even commiserate decently with the families. Has the ANC lost common concern for ordinary people that they do not even help the families? I also cannot campaign for an organisation that is so enmeshed in corruption at every level. Sure, in the WC you are not in government, so the opportunities for enrichment or testing whether people will bite as others have, is not there. I cannot support an ANC that sees nothing wrong with suppressing corruption charges against the president. I cannot support an ANC that sings Umshini Wam, bring me my machine gun, a song of war in a time when we need peace, but also completely inappropriate during a rape trial (a gun being a phallic symbol). I cannot support an ANC which dishes out shares galore to its officials and their relatives as is alleged/proven in Godlfields and proven in others. And I can list lots of other reasons. No, you have not kept track of my thinking. You will not see me there.

Marius L Fransman: I did keep track of your thinking prof, however I thought that you reflected deeper on some of these matters, and that even with all the issues you think is of concern, you can still make the analysis on the contradictions and how best to move forward. Remember your perspectives got many to stay the course, and not to find easy answers for complext societies in transition, esp with our tyype of reconciliation model.
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Raymond Suttner: Thank you Marius L Fransman. I have been thinking and trying to understand what is happening, which I find very troubling. I do not see the ANC as having the desire or capacity to self-correct and believe that we need to find a way of advancing emancipatory ideas in ways that are better able to take us forward. I do not have clarity on what that entails, but I am working on it, as best I can

4 thoughts on “Exchange with Marius L Fransman (on Faceboook), leader of the ANC in the Western Cape, asking when I would come and campaign there

  1. Marius Fransman’s recent electioneering in W cape full of cheap racism as he smears groups to marshall support. He belongs with those ANC same old figures who rear into action before elections. Rumble comfortably asleep otherwise.

  2. I agree more with Marius L Fransman.The ANC has turned democracy and our country into a mockery because they protect one person at the expence of tax payers money whereas there are people who go to bed without anything that goes into their stomachs.ANC under the leadership of JZ is doomed to perish,the court interdict against Thuli Madonsela by the security cluster ministers proves clearly that there is a lot to hide and clearly proves their incompetence and ignorance.How can the president private home be refurbished with tax payers money and thereafter ANC lies about it even the president himself?Then the e-toll in Gauteng…I don’t see the ANC winning the next elections in Gauteng,people are disgusted about ANC and JZ’s scams one after the other.Ons is gatvol met JZ en die ANC…

  3. Apartheid could not be “reformed” by getting rid of “petty apartheid”.
    Neither can the ANC be reformed by getting rid of “petty corruption”

    The rot in the ANC is systemic and goes back to its days in exile, when it was smuggling cars and drugs and murdering cadres who showed dissent (even petitioning to fight in SA rather than sit in camps in Angola or Zambia was an offense). While the “inziles” (like Suttner) might have been decent people with worthy motives, they are outvoted by the crooks and careerists who joined post-1994.

    Maybe a long spell in opposition might help, but it certainly hasn’t in the Western Cape.

  4. I am so gatvol of the politicians running this country. There seems to be such a feeding frenzy of lies , corruption, ineptitude , talk and no action etc. The general population remind me of the words words of Adolf Hitler “How fortunate for leaders that men do not think” ( in their blind following) and another quote I read “an honest politician is one who, when he is bought, will stay bought”.

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