How do we get rid of Jacob Zuma and rebuild democracy? (Polity, 30 October, reprinted Daily Maverick and



Every time one thinks we have heard the worst about Zuma and his acolytes or fraudsters or gangster associates there is more that emerges, Continue reading

Policing in post-apartheid South Africa: the past in the present (Polity, 23 October 2017, reprinted in Daily Maverick and

For most people, the police were the face of apartheid representing force against the majority of the South African population, without whose consent the state ruled. Continue reading

Leadership in question (Polity 18 October 2017, reprinted in Daily Maverick and on

Very many South Africans are worried about the character and quality of leadership of the country Continue reading

Betrayal and recovering trust? (Polity 9 October 2017, reprinted in Daily Maverick and


Hardly a day passes without new revelations of state capture, corruption and other forms of malgovernance. Continue reading

The ANC and future without the ANC (, reprinted Daily Maverick and, 3 October 2017


The violence in the ANC Eastern Cape elective conference shocked many people, even though violence (and murder) has become a common feature of the ANC in recent times.  Continue reading