Raymond Suttner: Attacks on foreign migrants are attacks on freedom of all

Press release on Raymond Suttner’s Recovering Democracy in SA (Jacana)

Recovering Democracy PR

In conversation with @antonyaltbeker on Recovering Democracy in SA at Troyeville 18 March

Launch of Recovering Democracy in South Africa at Troyeville Hotel 18 March 2015
Raymond Suttner will be in conversation with Antony Altbeker. Supper served from 6.30 pm.

Confirmed launches :Recovering democracy in SA

Updated information on confirmed launches of Recovering Democracy in South Africa (Jacana publishers) confirmed thus far: Continue reading

Recovering democracy in SA to appear February

My book: Recovering democracy in South Africa will be published by Jacana Media in February. Continue reading

Ericka Huggins (former Black Panther Party) in conversation with Nomboniso Gasa (BBC)


Raymond Suttner: Judges, transformation and active citizenry (Polity)


Raymond Suttner: Put patriarchy on the defensive! (Polity video)

Raymond Suttner: Patriarchy is part of our heritage, but not to be celebrated (Polity)


Raymond Suttner, Can current crisis lead to political change in SA? (Polity video)

Marianne Thamm, Women’s month, women’s bodies as a landscape of trauma

In the course of wider issues of violation of women’s bodies, Marianne Thamm interprets the actions of ‘Brave heart’ the young woman who removed her clothes before the statue of Mandela


Simone Haysom, Lack of trust cripples fight against crime


Raymond Suttner, The Abahlali/DA pact: difficult situations require difficult decisions


Raymond Suttner, Electoral silence on patriarchy speaks volumes (Polity)


Richard Poplak, How Bekkersdal becomes symbol of everything that is wrong with SA


Nomboniso Gasa, Girls’ rights are being violated


Evidence on bungled and intentionally deficient policing in rape and murder cases at Kyayelitsha commission


Raymond Suttner, Interview with Polity, addressing political expression additional to voting

Magistrates attacked for treatment of rape complainants


Human rights watch slam SA police as ‘human rights threat’

There was a time during the struggle against apartheid when Human Rights Watch exposed the repression of the apartheid regime. Continue reading