Raymond Suttner: Non-violence: purely a tactic or also a principle? (Polity video interview)

Raymond Suttner: Non-violence: the foundation for dialogue & peace between those who live in South Africa (Polity)


Enuga Reddy: Gandhi and Africans

5-Gandhi and Africans

In conversation with @antonyaltbeker on Recovering Democracy in SA at Troyeville 18 March

Launch of Recovering Democracy in South Africa at Troyeville Hotel 18 March 2015
Raymond Suttner will be in conversation with Antony Altbeker. Supper served from 6.30 pm.

Confirmed launches :Recovering democracy in SA

Updated information on confirmed launches of Recovering Democracy in South Africa (Jacana publishers) confirmed thus far: Continue reading

Recovering democracy in SA to appear February

My book: Recovering democracy in South Africa will be published by Jacana Media in February. Continue reading

Arundhati Roy on Gandhi fails to examine complexity

Arundhati Roy has attacked Gandhi on caste, saying that buildings etc should no longer be named after him etc etc. There must be debate on Gandhi and Mandela and many others, but with due regard for the complexity of their views. Just one quotation from Gandhi on 24 January 1928 illustrates this. ’I am clear in my mind that there is no room for castes in the Hindu faith…’

Raymond Suttner, Acting out one’s understanding of what is right (Polity video)

Vashna Jagarnath, The uncelebrated feast


Raymond Suttner, Gospel of Service or gospel of greed:Polity interview on Chief Luthuli


Raymond Suttner video interview on ethical significance of Mandela’s court appearances


Professsor Philip Bonner reflects on Mandela’s life in video

Raymond Suttner, What did it mean when Mandela said he was willing to die? What does it mean for us in our own lives?

Possibly the closing words of Nelson Mandela’s statement from the dock as ‘accused number one’ in the Rivonia trial are amongst the most quoted in political history. Continue reading