Raymond Suttner, Gospel of Service or gospel of greed:Polity interview on Chief Luthuli


Raymond Suttner, Chief Albert Luthuli and the ‘gospel of service’


Maureen Isaacson, Sally Gross: the fight for gender equality loses a giant


Ilan Pappe: Reclaiming Judaism from Zionism


Rebecca Davis, Abortion in South Africa. A conspiracy of silence

The right to freedom of choice in relation to terminating pregnancies is one of the progressive laws enacted after 1994. Continue reading

Paul Vallely, Pope Francis-not so much reformer as revolutionary

Personally, I have been cautious on Pope Francis because of his role during the Argentinian junta period and his apparent hostility Continue reading

Nick Cohen, Pope Francis is not a liberal


Christopher Saunders, Jabulani Sithole and Raymond Suttner on Chief Albert Luthuli, 2011

Christopher Saunders, Jabulani Sithole and Raymond Suttner on Chief Albert Luthuli

A panel at the Centre for conflict resolution, University of Cape Town, 2011, to mark the 50th anniversary of Chief Luthuli receiving the prize. The podcasts include audience discussion

John Hoffman, Secular reconstruction of religion/Transcending atheism


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I have known John Hoffman since we were first year students Continue reading