Launch: Recovering democracy in SA, in discussion with @becsplanb, Book Lounge 9 April 2015

Rebecca Davis comparing mass response to gang rape in India and generally limited response in SA to range of rapes

Rebecca Davis on Cape Town CBD looting

Gives some idea of the complex mix of factors involved in Cape Town looting. Continue reading

Rebecca Davis on official irregular violence/killings

Rebecca Davis, Traditional Courts bill: Rural people won’t give away their rights to seal pre-eleciton deals

Rebecca Davis, When culture and policing collide. Circumcision deaths and ukuthwala -unpunished crimes

The area of what is described as cultural practices has now become a site where there are extensive abuses Continue reading

Rebecca Davis, Abortion in South Africa. A conspiracy of silence

The right to freedom of choice in relation to terminating pregnancies is one of the progressive laws enacted after 1994. Continue reading

Rebecca Davis, Why Tutu’s support for gay rights matters