Foreigners used as ATMs by police

The headline I have put at the top is that of the Star hard copy edition

Raymond Suttner: Attacks on foreign migrants are attacks on freedom of all

Raymond Suttner: An attack on a foreign migrant is an attack on us all (Polity)

While the extent of xenophobic attacks may not be widely known, the broad facts are relatively clear. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, Recovering Democracy (SABC newsroom book interview)

Raymond Suttner: Name xenophobic attacks as that, then they can be addressed (Polity video)

Tito Mboweni’s son threatened with deportation as a ‘foreigner’

I am sorry that this has happened to Tumelo Mboweni, Continue reading

Clearing of traders from inner city is attack on the poor

Foreign traders benefit local economies, Wits study shows

Verification process for traders removed from inner city

Maybe I am hypercritical but some of the statements of officials sound rather arrogant

Johannesburg draconian ‘clean up’ of traders in inner city

Rebecca Davis on Cape Town CBD looting

Gives some idea of the complex mix of factors involved in Cape Town looting. Continue reading

Illegally evicted traders in Johannesburg inner city fight back

Attack on and eviction of traders in the inner city of Johannesburg

The evictions of traders in Jhbg inner city appears to be illegal Continue reading

Film on Israeli repression against African immigrants

Israel offers arms to African countries who will take back people from African countries (‘infiltrators’) who have sought asylum in Israel

SA government says attacks on foreign nationals are criminal not directed at their being foreign

SA government says attacks on foreign nationals are criminal not directed at their being foreign

Clearly the experience of foreign nationals, as reported in this article are very different from other people subjected to criminal activity and the government is in denial over the seriousness of these attacks.