John Hoffman, Secular reconstruction of religion/Transcending atheism


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I have known John Hoffman since we were first year students together at the University of Cape Town in 1963, notably studying under the late Professor Jack Simons, famous Marxist theorist, who in his 70s lectured ANC Umkhonto we Sizwe guerrillas in Angola. While I, then a liberal, was not completely aware of Simons’s Marxism, Hoffman was very aware of this. John Hoffman, now an emeritus professor of Political Theory at Leicester University, himself made not only a formidable contribution to scholarship in a range of areas, but was also an important contributor towards understandings of Marxism in the ANC and SACP, under the pseudonym, Dialego. From an orthodox Marxism, Hoffman went on to explore Gramsci in two books as well as other books on the state, democracy, political theory in general, feminism, sovereignty and more recently a critique of John Gray’s work entitled, John Gray and the problem of Utopia, University of Wales Press, Cardiff, 2008. His co-authored Introduction to Political Theory (with Paul Graham), if I am not mistaken is into a third edition now, is an important introductory work. The two works posted here are unpublished, one on transcending atheism and the other on multiculturalism

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