Arundhati Roy on Gandhi fails to examine complexity

Arundhati Roy has attacked Gandhi on caste, saying that buildings etc should no longer be named after him etc etc. There must be debate on Gandhi and Mandela and many others, but with due regard for the complexity of their views. Just one quotation from Gandhi on 24 January 1928 illustrates this. ’I am clear in my mind that there is no room for castes in the Hindu faith…’

Ram Guha’s withering critique of Arundhati Roy’s celebrity activism (2000)

Raymond Suttner: Arundhati Roy on the buying off of Mandela and ANC by big capital: The engaged intellectual cannot empower people where there is no humility

According to Arundhati Roy, in part of a talk published on You Tube, 12 June 2013 when the struggle in South Africa  ‘started ‘it was the Black consciousness (BC) people who were most powerful Continue reading