Raymond Suttner: South Africa 20 years on: a state in crisis (The Africa Report)


Raymond Suttner audio interview with Gareth Cliff 12 March 2015


Raymond Suttner: Nelson Mandela’s masculinities

[This is an extract from the book Recovering democracy in South Africa that appeared in the Sunday Times under a different title yesterday] Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Parliament’s attempted lock-down threatens everyone’s freedom (Polity)


In conversation with @antonyaltbeker on Recovering Democracy in SA at Troyeville 18 March

Launch of Recovering Democracy in South Africa at Troyeville Hotel 18 March 2015
Raymond Suttner will be in conversation with Antony Altbeker. Supper served from 6.30 pm.

Confirmed launches :Recovering democracy in SA

Updated information on confirmed launches of Recovering Democracy in South Africa (Jacana publishers) confirmed thus far: Continue reading

Recovering democracy in SA to appear February

My book: Recovering democracy in South Africa will be published by Jacana Media in February. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, Popular power, constitutional democracy and crisis: 1994-2014

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Nomboniso Gasa: Laws for traditional leaders emulate the logic of apartheid


Raymond Suttner, Is there a democratic crisis? (Polity video)


Raymond Suttner: Legality, constitutionalism and transformation (Polity)


Raymond Suttner, 20 years of democracy and question of popular participation (published in Grace &Truth)

Twenty years of Democracy – Raymond Suttner

Raymond Suttner, Interpreting Nelson Mandela (Polity interview)

Raymond Suttner, Illegal Durban evictions raise questions about meaning of emancipatory politics today


Raymond Suttner, Nelson Mandela, the prisoner’s power and its meaning for us today


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Raymond Suttner, Mandela’s legacies not obvious, need to be studied (Polity interview)