Impressive frankness of Moseneke and Mogoeng at Moseneke retirement

Impressive frankness of Moseneke and Mogoeng at Moseneke retirement
It is impressive that Deputy Chief Justice Moseneke spoke publicly about his disappointment at being passed over for the Chief Justice position on more than one occasion and also how Chief J Mogoeng handled it saying that DCJ Moseneke threw no tantrums.
Clearly they developed mutual respect and became a formidable leadership team. It would be good if that mature leadership were found more often in public life


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In conversation with @antonyaltbeker on Recovering Democracy in SA at Troyeville 18 March

Launch of Recovering Democracy in South Africa at Troyeville Hotel 18 March 2015
Raymond Suttner will be in conversation with Antony Altbeker. Supper served from 6.30 pm.

Confirmed launches :Recovering democracy in SA

Updated information on confirmed launches of Recovering Democracy in South Africa (Jacana publishers) confirmed thus far: Continue reading