Nomboniso Gasa: Asserting that traditional leaders own the land opens old wounds

Phumi Mtetwa, It is thanks to the bill of rights that the rainbow flag can fly proudly over the rainbow nation

Phumi Mtetwa, It is thanks to the bill of rights that the rainbow flag can fly proudly over the rainbow nation

NUM and AMCU battle in Rustenburg

The article by Greg Marinovich describes the continued violence in the Rustenburg platinum belt, particularly in Marikana. What is significant also is how the ANC and government do not distinguish their partisan political interests in relating to AMCU, who are in ‘ANC territory’ and attempting to reverse the gains of the revolution, as the Minister-of Mines says more or less. This is not only a failure to distinguish what belongs to whom -party and state, but it may well exacerbate an already volatile situation. That a peacekeeping force is being sent in, is claimed to be requested by all sides, but if government has such a partisan attitude can one be sure that the peacekeepers will simply keep the peace?

Billy Downer SC. Critique of withdrawal of Zuma prosecution


Acting National Director of prosecutions, Moketedi Mpshe statement on withdrawal of Zuma charges

Acting National Director of prosecutions, Moketedi Mpshe statement on withdrawal of Zuma charges

Crisis of constitutionalism and legality

One of the features distinguishing post-Polokwane political developments has been the attack on constitutionalism and legality. Continue reading

Nelson Mandela, statement from the Dock, Rivonia Trial 1964

Nelson Mandela, statement from the Dock, Rivonia Trial 1964

Nelson Mandela court statement, 1962 trial

Nelson Mandela court statement, 1962 trial

Guptagate, crises and contempt for the public. By Raymond Suttner

It is clear that very few people believe government’s explanation for the illegal landing of the Gupta wedding party at a key military installation in Waterkloof. There are very few people who accept that the handful of individuals who have been fingered would undertake such a massive breach of security on their own. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, ANC and the popular

When I first made contact with the ANC and its allies in the late1960s it followed a period where I was not clear about what road to take politically. I had been a liberal but came to believe that this was leading nowhere in terms of changing SA. But where were the alternatives? Continue reading

Raymond Suttner, Chris Hani legacy is contested

The legacy of Chris Hani is obviously contested. Underneath many of the tributes referring to his selfless and revolutionary qualities there is on the one hand an attempt to legitimate the decadent, looting leaders of today. They have the resources to be present and in the forefront of a range of events to commemorate Hani’s life, as they will be later this month when OR Tambo is remembered.

On the other hand, those who are being robbed, evoke the memory of Hani as an alternative to what they see and know and even what they do not know but have come to expect will happen with their resources and the dreams they cherish for improvement of their lives.

No matter how many layers of red some of the leaders may wear, or the number of times they use revolutionary phrases or call others counter-revolutionary, they will not be able to stand in for Hani. He used to listen carefully to people. His speeches were not rhetorical displays, but responses to what he heard. That is what the people who loved him now miss.

Questions about current politics

Article and audio-visual interview prior to ANC Mangaung conference, in December 2012

Questions about current politics

The ANC centenary

The ANC centenary

A scholarly article on the ANC centenary for International Affairs Chatham House

Luthuli and the lessons of his leadership

Luthuli and the lessons of his leadership

An article and audio-visual interview on the lessons of the leadership of Chief Albert Luthuli

50th anniversary of MK and the question of violence

50th anniversary of MK and the question of violence

Article and audio-visual interview