Raymond Suttner: Naming xenophobia

I am indebted to Nomboniso Gasa for much of the framework around naming in this article


NUM and AMCU battle in Rustenburg


The article by Greg Marinovich describes the continued violence in the Rustenburg platinum belt, particularly in Marikana. What is significant also is how the ANC and government do not distinguish their partisan political interests in relating to AMCU, who are in ‘ANC territory’ and attempting to reverse the gains of the revolution, as the Minister-of Mines says more or less. This is not only a failure to distinguish what belongs to whom -party and state, but it may well exacerbate an already volatile situation. That a peacekeeping force is being sent in, is claimed to be requested by all sides, but if government has such a partisan attitude can one be sure that the peacekeepers will simply keep the peace?