Rethinking National Democratic Revolution (NDR):the national question.

This paper is work in progress


Question of honour

Question of honour

Article and audio-visual interview on Polity website 2011, concerning the relationship between patronage and honour in the presidency of Jacob Zuma

Crisis of liberation-the Zuma era and beyond

This is a booklet published in 2010 examining the crisis of the ANC-led liberation struggle, in particular with the advent of Jacob Zuma to the presidency of the organisation and the country.  Click on link that follows: ANC STUDY – FES 2010 review2

The Zuma era by Raymond Suttner, 2009


The Zuma era in ANC history: new crisis or new beginning?


The ANC Underground. Books of Raymond Suttner-2A.

Books of Raymond Suttner-2A

Periodisation, Cultural Construction and Representation of ANC Masculinities through Dress, Gesture and Indian Nationalist Influence*

This is a scholarly article, which draws on ANC history and Indian influences on that history and the struggle in general, through various cultural lenses, notably dress and various gestures.  Click on link that follows:Dress

(Mis)understanding Mandela. A review article


Inside Apartheid’s Prison. Books of Raymond Suttner-1

Books of Raymond Suttner

Books of Raymond Suttner 3

50 years of FC

Written with Jeremy Cronin, revised introduction of earlier work, 30 Years of the Freedom Charter, published in 2006 by UNISA press, still in print.

The Legacy of the United Democratic Front

This is a chapter from book published by CODESRIA in 2005. Will supply bibliographical details later


The road ahead. February 1990

Video of Raymond Suttner speech to SANSCO/UDF at the University of the Western Cape

Raymond Suttner Writings-Booklet 1

Raymond Suttner Writings-Booklet 1

TB Davie Memorial Lecture 1984 on the Freedom CharterTBDavie

Statement from the dock, Durban Supreme Court 13 November 1975

Statement from the dock, November 1975

Statement before sentencing for underground activities