The Greek people decide to choose their own future & face punishment

Personally I fear for Greece,

for they have done what is unthinkable in the current world, dominated as it is by powers that are unsympathetic to the poor. Their No Vote does not seem to have led to substantial rethinking on the side of the big powers in Europe and even some small powers that support Germany et al. More punishment may be on the agenda.

But it is indeed memorable that a people who have been suffering, shortages of necessities, banks closed, prospects of worse –that they voted for their dignity, they voted for their right to choose their own present and future and they claimed the right to choose their own government.

It is remarkable that Syriza were able to convince the public to vote No with so much weighing against them and being a government without a majority of votes in parliament. But the public demonstrated remarkable democratic will and courage, something that has not been seen for some time.

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