ANC and churches today: reconfiguring allies

While the article by Philip de Wet in today’s Mail and Guardian is good,

it fails to pick up on the convergence between the charismatic churches and the hyperpatriarchal and homophobic,strains in the Zuma administration. It also does not pay any attention to the role of the Rhema church, at one point a key factor in the National Interfaith Leadership Council. The ANC religious desk was and may still be headed by Mathole Motshekga, again signalling a particular orientation, highly patriarchal notions. The media also need to be called out -Independent newspapers for giving a column to Rhema church head Ray McCauley. Why do we need his advice on how to conduct our lives? Is he a role model? Why must I as a subscriber to the Star be punished by having space taken up by this column? This cannot be blamed on Iqbal Surve because this started before he took over Independent.

Another factor needing to be highlighted is that this is part of a reconfiguration of the ANC-led alliance with the elevation of the status of the emerging black bourgeoisie but more relevant for the points made here, the Traditional Leaders who share with the charismatic churches, homophobic and authoritarian tendencies

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