Recovering democracy in SA to appear February

My book: Recovering democracy in South Africa will be published by Jacana Media in February. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: SAFM interview on Nelson Mandela (Podcast)

Raymond Suttner: Protecting No 1 consumes the ANC (M & G)

Raymond Suttner: ANC in 1990-2015 (Polity video)

Raymond Suttner: ANC in decline as it celebrates its 103rd year of existence

Raymond Suttner: Meeting Nomboniso Gasa

I notice that very many people are liking and commenting on the beauty of Nomboniso Gasa, Continue reading

Why the appointment of the new Chair of IEC is important for democracy

Prior to the first democratic elections the ANC leadership decided to establish the TRC and to ensure that it had credible members. Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Rebuilding democracy: time to use our own power! (Polity)

Raymond Suttner, Popular power, constitutional democracy and crisis: 1994-2014

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Raymond Suttner: Patriarchy is part of our heritage, but not to be celebrated (Polity)

Raymond Suttner: ANC with huge majority on the defensive in parliament (Polity video)

Raymond Suttner, Heritage month and gender (Polity video)

Raymond Suttner, The ANC, the moral high ground and ethics (Polity video)

Raymond Suttner, Leaders earn respect if they listen to communities and act with integrity (Polity video)

Raymond Suttner, Citizens need to claim ethical leadership (Polity)

Raymond Suttner, Nelson Mandela’s masculinities

Raymond Suttner, Nelson Mandela’s masculinities (PDF file), Wiser seminar

Marianne Thamm, Women’s month, women’s bodies as a landscape of trauma

In the course of wider issues of violation of women’s bodies, Marianne Thamm interprets the actions of ‘Brave heart’ the young woman who removed her clothes before the statue of Mandela

Raymond Suttner discusses ‘Tribes’, nations and other identities (Polity video)