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Raymond Suttner, Response to comments on my article in the Mail and Guardian of 27 September 2013

I recently published an article analysing the degeneration of the ANC led tripartite alliance. Continue reading

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Amongst the components of any serious campaign is the use of slogans.  Continue reading

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The transcript and interview with Professor Sampie Terreblanche  (link at the end of this article) provides insights Continue reading

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Michael Neocosmos, ‘From Peoples’ Politics to State Politics: Aspects of National Liberation in South Africa’


An important article on the displacement of popular power and the UDF from the mid 1980s onwards. It is a chapter in Adebayo O. Olukoshi (ed), The Politics of Opposition in Contemporary Africa.  Nordic Africa Institute.  1998.

Raymond Suttner, Popular Justice in South Africa today, June 1986 (Unpublished)


Note: there are two separate links to be clicked on, one for the text and the other for the endnotes

This was a seminar paper, prepared for the University of the Witwatersrand, in June 1986, just before I was rearrested for a further 27 months. Continue reading

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