Nomboniso Gasa, The sting is in Vavi’s choice of words

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This article by Sisonke Msimang asks why Corruption Watch did no more than ‘censure’ Zwelinzima Vavi Continue reading

Nomboniso Gasa on patriarchy in history and SA today

Mandisi Majavu, Vavi: Discursive Tension Stifles Rape Discussion

Another take on the alleged rape  or ‘consensual’ sex engaged in by Zwelinzima Vavi in COSATU HQ. While I think the writer brings some insights that have not been in the debate, the power relationship seems somehow to be lost in the various discourses that the writer examines. While ‘discursive tension’ may stifle debate, without detracting from what the contribution reveals, does it open that debate on Vavi’s actions, any further than it has been up till now?

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The recent rape allegations against Zwelinzima Vavi, General Secretaty of COSATU has led to a range of arguments, which obscure the character of the sexual encounter, Continue reading

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