Sisonke Msimang, Dear corruption watch. What about the victim?

This article by Sisonke Msimang asks why Corruption Watch did no more than ‘censure’ Zwelinzima Vavi over his ‘consensual’ sexual encounter with a woman who was his employee.  In much of the discussion on the matter at the moment, it is only weighed up in terms of the balance of forces between pro Vavi (anti Zuma) and anti Vavi (pro Zuma) forces.  Why has the admission of an encounter overlaid by unequal power relations been allowed to pass with, as Msimang says, a slap on the wrist? Why did Vavi divulge her identity and other details to the media and the public at large? It is no wonder that people doubt the value of celebrating Women’s day in the current atmosphere where the constitutional rights to gender equality are being undermined.  Corruption watch, itself does not come out of this episode, (that may not be concluded), very well.

See also other  entries on this blog on the question of sexual encounters at the work place and Vavi by Raymond Suttner, TO Molefe, Athambile Masola, Jen Thorpe, Mandisi Magavu.  There are others, like Margie Orford in Sunday Times that are not available online.


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