The Jacob Zuma Rape Trial: Power and African National Congress (ANC) Masculinities

Zuma rape trial

The ANC Underground. Books of Raymond Suttner-2A.

Books of Raymond Suttner-2A

The ANC Underground. Books of Raymond Suttner- 2

Books of Raymond Suttner 2

Books of Raymond Suttner 3

50 years of FC

Written with Jeremy Cronin, revised introduction of earlier work, 30 Years of the Freedom Charter, published in 2006 by UNISA press, still in print.

Party Dominance ‘Theory’: Of What Value?


The road ahead. February 1990

Video of Raymond Suttner speech to SANSCO/UDF at the University of the Western Cape

Raymond Suttner book 4

30 yrs of FC

(with Jeremy Cronin, Ravan Press and Ohio University Press.)  Banned for possession in South Africa under apartheid regime


Raymond Suttner Writings-Booklet 1

Raymond Suttner Writings-Booklet 1

TB Davie Memorial Lecture 1984 on the Freedom CharterTBDavie

Statement from the dock, Durban Supreme Court 13 November 1975

Statement from the dock, November 1975

Statement before sentencing for underground activities