Raymond Suttner: Bidding to host the Commonwealth games- a foolish, risky step

According to the documentation motivating for SA’s bid to host the Commonwealth games in 2022, Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Attacks on foreign migrants are attacks on freedom of all

Raymond Suttner: Citizens need to claim ethical leadership (English version Beeld article)

[Extract from Recovering Democracy, translated and printed in today’s Beeld, below] Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: Eis terug die demokrasie


Raymond Suttner: Nelson Mandela’s masculinities

[This is an extract from the book Recovering democracy in South Africa that appeared in the Sunday Times under a different title yesterday] Continue reading

Raymond Suttner: An attack on a foreign migrant is an attack on us all (Polity)

While the extent of xenophobic attacks may not be widely known, the broad facts are relatively clear. Continue reading