Raymond Suttner on the slow development of the young Nelson Mandela towards political consciousness

‘I was not born with a hunger to be free,’ Nelson Mandela writes in his autobiography. He immediately explains ‘I was born free-free in every way that I could know.




Professsor Philip Bonner reflects on Mandela’s life in video

Raymond Suttner: Arundhati Roy on the buying off of Mandela and ANC by big capital: The engaged intellectual cannot empower people where there is no humility

According to Arundhati Roy, in part of a talk published on You Tube, 12 June 2013 when the struggle in South Africa  ‘started ‘it was the Black consciousness (BC) people who were most powerful Continue reading

Zapiro cartoon on anniversary of Rivonia trial


Raymond Suttner, The influence of Walter Sisulu and Moses Kotane in moulding the political development of Nelson Mandela

There is no doubt that Mandela was at times after his release more popular than the ANC and that he could sometimes act without organisational authority. Continue reading