Victor Jara, Chilean Stadium (last song)

[With thanks to Jon Soske:] September 16, 1973: “Along with Andean and Chilean folk songs, he sang a ‘manifesto’ composed his the second night there. The militia recognized him for his song and fame and removed him from the crowd. The guards tore off his nails, smashed his hands, and ordered him to play the guitar. He was found dead a week later with signs of brutal treatment and gunshot wounds. The ‘manifesto’ survived by both the detainees who memorized the song and the scraps of paper containing Jara’s handwritten lyrics.”

Translated by Joan Jara. Read by Adrian Mitchell. From the album Manifiesto [Canciones Póstumas]

Nina Simone, Why? The king of love is dead (written on the death of Martin Luther King jr)

Madonsini Manqina, Queen of South Africa’s Pondo music

Madosini, from Langa township outside Cape Town South Africa, is a master story-teller, composer and musician. Treating audiences to traditions passed down from generation to generation, Madosini was filmed here playing the Uhadi and Umrhubhe – Rhodes Memorial September 2005.