ANC leadership prepares to defend Nkandla expenditure

One of the most problematic features in current political life, is that there is no real debate.  We do not have the opportunity to discuss the most important issues of the day, for politics is now predominantly concerned with the battle for positions and perks.  Consequently it is not helpful, when considering an allegedly security related state expenditure for Nkandla to be told that security questions cannot be discussed.  (See statement of Lindiwe Zulu in this report) ANC spokespersons cannot issue commands to the public, as if they were part of a military structure. The very scope of security can be abused and it is the right of the public to question the way such boundaries are drawn.  There seems little awareness of the gravity of spending such a gigantic sum and expecting the public to buy stories about fire pools and similar. Already the government has had to retreat from an earlier position that photographs of Nkandla were illegal. How many other issues classified as security are in fact not validly classified?

One thought on “ANC leadership prepares to defend Nkandla expenditure

  1. Unfortunately, ignorance is (not) bliss and the ANC take advantage of a misinformed, uneducated and complacent public. This reminds one so much of how the Nats pandered to their support base in the interest of holding onto power rather than dispensing a democratic process of communicating with citizens.

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