Steven Grootes, the mini-budget and reading the security of tenure of Pravin Gordhan

When Jacob Zuma was elected ANC president and subsequently, through the subversion of the legal process was able to be state president, big capital nevertheless made positive sounds. The reason was that his election was a fact and it was important by reassuring Zuma of their support to try to ensure that his government would create stability. So the support was in a sense conditional, that the Zuma government would provide an environment in which capital could work or preferably flourish.  Regrettably, for capital and all of us the environment has become much murkier than ever and corruption and criminality of various other kinds flourish.  It is in this context that the Minister of Finance, Pravin Gordhan has to work and try to balance the books and  try to keep the economy afloat.  Steven Grootes tries to unpack this. I am not sure that he is reading ANC politics correctly, for Gordhan’s position may not be as secure as he suggests. It is always said that the markets would not handle the change of a Finance Minister, but they always do adapt and react positively to actions which they interpret as positive.  While a person like Paul Mashatile was part of the ‘forces of change’ that was defeated at Mangaung, he nevertheless still commands overwhelming support in the ANC in Gauteng.  This may well not just be numbers in the economic hub of the country. It is also an ANC that has had consistent political education courses for many of the members for some 15 years or more.  So it may be a mature ANC constituency in a way that is not the case with KZN where a range of irregularities attach to the expansion of the ANC.  Gordhan in contrast has no constituency. He is there purely by the will of the president. That is not to say he is not capable, but that he is politically dispensable, should the president need to reward someone else, who has similar qualities.


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