Organisational culture tolerates corruption. Douglas Mthukwane on ANC Northern Cape elections

This article illustrates how settled in ANC culture it has become to elect people with question marks around their names.  Block has had some of his goods seized by the asset forfeiture unit and remains on trial for corruption.  He has been under a cloud for some years. Yet he remains popular in the province. It consequently appears that we are not speaking of a few individuals who aspire to this wealth, legitimately or illegitimately acquired but about values that are now diffused at all levels. It is of course illustrated in the high level of violence as people jostle for positions at every level of the organisation and the constant protests around alleged and proven corruption in distribution of resources, so-called service delivery protests


3 thoughts on “Organisational culture tolerates corruption. Douglas Mthukwane on ANC Northern Cape elections

  1. Ja, I still use the word comrade with those who remain comrades. We cannot discard that in the sense that there have been bonds between people, shared visions, even if they are now being undermined. I am impressed you have got into the media so successfully. Keep it up!

  2. My revolutionary conciousness and ’emancipatory’ outlook is still intact. I still know who Iam in the class struggle. I have always maintained that I will be succesful with or without the ruling party or its alliance partners. My past as an activist does not imply that I was not valuable in the labour market. I will continue to be productive whereever I go.
    One more thanks


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