Turmoil over alleged attempt to purge SAPS of senior MK officers

Two articles in the Mail and Guardian address the question of an alleged hit list within the SAPS, aimed at ridding the senior ranks of mainly former MK operatives. The Minister of Police, a callow youth compared with the experience of these men (and it is suggested this is one of the reasons for his resenting them) was quick to dismiss the hit list to the media before a proper discussion with the officers on the list.  Insofar as ‘hitting’ them, some have already been removed from positions and repeatedly faced charges and suddenly had their qualifications questioned where these were not an issue during the integration process. 

One can only speculate about why this is happening.  It should be recalled that General Mdluli, a man with a background in the apartheid security police was entrusted with top secret crime intelligence work, something that ought to boggle the mind. This is happening under an ANC government whose president used to head ANC intelligence, (on that I will say something at some point).  This Mdluli allegedly used safe houses and similar top-secret facilities to benefit his family and still has to answer to criminal charges.  If the allegations are true, it indicates that the notion of security  no longer relates to defending the democracy that was won in 1994, though this may have been the case for some time.  Those who will be loyal to Zuma (and Mdluli it will be recalled supplied his own list of various people who were ‘disloyal’) take precedence over those who sacrificed everything to bring about this democracy.  It appears that professional policing and policing in defence of democracy, which seems to have been a concern of the deceased General Tshabalala, may be sacrificed in the interests of loyalty to the young man who is minister of police and his president.



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