Rebecca Davis, Of Good report. sugar daddies and Vavi

While reviewing the unbanning of a film previously banned as provocative, the author relates some of the issues raised with regard to a relationship of unequal power to the recent allegation of rape against Zwelinzima Vavi, General Secretary of COSATU.  The allegation was withdrawn in an internal grievance process of COSATU.  But even if one accepts that that ends the question of rape, which is doubtful, Vavi admitted to having a sexual encounter with a woman who was an employee in COSATU  and thus dependent on him for her employment and any possible promotion.  Hence this was an unequal encounter and  raises questions about the character of consent, if it is given.  This cannot be reduced to whether Vavi is unfaithful to his wife, nor to conspliracies to drive him out of COSATU.  Davis briefly alludes to the way in which patriarchy plays itself out in the work place

2 thoughts on “Rebecca Davis, Of Good report. sugar daddies and Vavi

  1. One in Three Men RAPE… | Between The Lines

  2. Thanks for this. It all helps us to better understand the range of ways in which the notion of consent is being undermined and to appreciate the overall undermining of gender equality, insofar as it is meant to exist

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