Attack on Helen Suzman Foundation, 21 March 2016

Attack on Helen Suzman Foundation
The attack on Helen Suzman Foundation is shocking. Such lawlessness has been the regular experience of some grassroots organisations like Abahlali baseMjondolo and they have not enjoyed support even from supposedly left organisations like NUMSA. There is also massive repression meted out against students, notably in the formerly black universities and recently at UFS. Why it is that the forces of repression who may be the same forces who are supposed to be defending our democracy are entering the relatively elite sphere to carry out an armed attack and robbery on HSF on so heavy a scale. Is HSF so big a threat? They have been acting to remove General Ntlemeza, head of the Hawks.
Does this mean that the security forces are acting lawlessly and with whose authority? Who will defend them if it is so discovered or will they disown them? Once this type of attack starts to become bolder and enter ‘more respectable’ society it is not likely to cease and it is important that forces of civil society unite to resist attacks. Clearly this must have a link with the state. As citizens, we need to act to stop its spread.

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