Following my first postings on security people apparently trying to set me up as a person who had vandalized a car through scratching it with some or other sharp object, many people have asked me to identify the mall. I said that I could not do so at that point. Now I am able to identify the centre as Bedford Centre. I am not sure of the name of the security company. It may be something like Night Guard, but I can find out in due course.

It is a very tough, seemingly militarised group, following the beefing up of their security after the attack and deaths at the mall some months ago

The incident happened outside Pick n Pay on the lower ground level parking lot. I had just bought items at Pick n Pay and paradoxically The Rights of Man by Thomas Paine at the Exclusive book sale. My till slip shows these and other items that were not sharp enough to cause any damage. I also had some empty bags as my only additional ‘weaponry’, but the guards were not interested.

When contact was made with the management of the centre I was phoned by a person who was very cordial and cooperative. I was asked where the incident occurred so that the guard concerned could be identified. The person promised to investigate.

I am consulting with a view to further steps.

Thank you everyone for your supportive words.

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